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How much knowledge you have in accounting field? There are qualified professionals available for accounting services throughout the world. For you to understand the profit and loss statements, the accounting rules might have to be applied to varying levels according to the subject inquired.

Facts about accounting

The 2007 business report from Entrepreneur says that there were 145, 874 business focusing accounting institutions in the United States of America. Did you know that the average revenues generated by these accounting companies accounted to $508, 154 according to the reports that year?  It is been reported that the entrepreneurs have records of the top ten accounting institutions having an average yearly revenue around $2,025,190 in the same year. The previous reports that came out in 2004 suggests the top performing accounting business institutions to have approximately forty five percent increase in the income generated. The whole of accounting industry witnessed an average yearly revenue depreciation of about 14.9 percent from 2004 to 2007.

Types of accounting industry

There is classification within top accounting firms. You should know about the accounting industry comprising of two major sections. This is designated as public and private accountants. Public accountants are those who work at the public firms in accounting, which allows professional services in accounting. These services are open to companies as well as individuals. It is mandatory that the public accountants should have certification from CPA (Certified Public Accountant). This is to ensure that the accounting services maintain the necessary industry standards. In addition, they should have high level accounting as well as business knowledge.

Private sector accounting firms

Have you ever consulted a private accounting firm? The private sector accountants usually work for such accounting companies and handle the managerial functions as well. They undertake internal functions management and the decisions regarding accounting business matters.

Facts about accounting

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Job prospects of accounting

There are a wide range of job opportunities available in accounting industry. Auditing, general accounting, consulting, mergers and acquisitions are some areas that a public accountant with sufficient qualifications could get employment. There are many accountants who leave such public firms to start small businesses that are even more profitable.

Top accounting firms functions with accounting principles to generate an appreciable average annual income. It is easy once you get grip with the rules and methods involved in accounting. Hope you understand this better and work accordingly to set up a profitable business ahead.