What Is An Accountant’s Weekly Salary?

Accounting Salary

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Are you interested in pursuing a career in finance and accounting? Then you will surely want to know about the job profile and accounting salary. Given below is information about the same. Just read on.

What is the weekly salary of an accountant?

It has been reported in the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics as of May 2010 that the average annual wages for accountants and auditors was $68,960 on an annual basis. The average wage on an hourly basis is $33.15. Let us suppose than an accountant works 40 hours a week. Then the average weekly salary for an accountant would amount to $1,325. The salary range as far as the middle 50 per cent of wage earning accountants are concerned from the 25th percentile to the 75th percentile, which varies from $45,900 to $78,210 or from $885.69 to $1,504.04 on a weekly basis.

What benefits will you avail on taking up an accounting job?

Accountants that a company or firm have employed on a full-time basis avail many benefits that are standard to all full-time employees. That includes the following,

  • Health and life insurance
  • Medical coverage
  • Paid annual leave
  • Access to a 401(k) plan

It is required of 8 per cent of self-employed American accountants to provide health or medical insurance benefits to themselves because they will not be able to avail full-time company benefits. Senior accountants and other high-level accounting employees will be in a position to avail enhanced benefits. That includes using a company car or a corporate expense account.

Accounting Clerks

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How does geography influence the salary of an accountant?

The salary of an accountant depends on the city or geographical area in which he resides. Those employed as accountants in the state of New York earn the highest average salaries of any state, that is, $85,230 on an annual basis or $1,639.03 on a weekly basis. Accountants in New Jersey make an average of $79,620 annually or $1,531.15 weekly. Accountants in Florida earn much less. They earn $63,600 annually or $1,223.08 weekly.

How much do accounting clerks earn?

Accountants are required to check all financial accounts, maintain records and see that they are updated. Accounting clerks do much of the actual work of calculating financial data and keeping records updated. As of 2010, it was reported by the bureau that the average wage for accounting clerks amounts to $35,340 yearly or $680 on a weekly basis.

I am sure you now have a clear idea about accounting salary. A career in accounting is quite safe as this industry is reasonably recession proof.