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           Different accounting careers

If you are looking for an attractive career, you can definitely find one in the field of medicine. You can try and become a medical billing specialist, an accounting manager in the medical field, or even a tax accountant for medical facilities. You need to possess a clear view of the working pattern of these professionals.

Let us take a look into the different accounting careers that one can enter.

Medical billing specialist

It is the duty of the medical billing specialist to take care of the payment collection process in a medical facility. This consists of collecting payments from different clients, keeping records of all the payments collected as well as made, taking legal action against clients that have not made payments etc. When any of the clients fails to make payments on time, a medical billing specialist would file a complaint against the client in a claims court. It is the duty of the medical billing specialist to collect information and keep a record of all payments that are made through Medicare. They also verify this with the records that are kept with the medical facility. They keep the dealings  with clients secret, and do not reveal their sensitive information to others. The average salary that is paid to a medical billing specialist would be around $32000.

Accounting Manager

It is the duty of the accounting manager to check whether the accounting staff are performing well. The accounting manager would have to understand the process of medical coding, taking legal action against customers who do not make payment, coordinate with insurance companies and perform other functions. It is the function of the accounting manager to give training to the new employees. The salary that is generally offered to accounting manager would come to around $72000.

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Tax Accountant

There would be several clients who do not make payments on time, and in such cases their accounts would be written off by the medical facility. This is something which is experienced by a majority of the companies. There are several patients for whom doctors offer free service. There would a taxable income, and it is the duty of the tax accountant to calculate the taxable amount after ascertaining the items that need to be included in tax. The medicines that are donated would have tax deduction and it is the duty of the tax accountant to ascertain it. The average salary that is offered to a tax accountant is around $59000.

These are the different accounting careers in which can acquire attractive salary.